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Welcome to Gaulden Monuments. Let us create a personal memorial for your loved one. Our design team can help you find unique ways to add a special and personal touch to the monument you choose. A unique symbol, a favorite photograph or a distinctive epitaph are some of the ways you can memorialize the life of your loved one.

Below is our quick reference guide to help you understand the options available to you. Choosing the right monument or memorial for your loved one can be a daunting task, which is why many of our customers contact us at (803) 327-2760 to discuss their preferences. Scroll down to browse or click the links below.

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Stone Vases

Beautiful stone vases by Gaulden Monuments come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and provide an elegant display for flowers. Vases may be permanently installed on a memorial or monument or may be removeable. 

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Grass Level Memorials

Cemetery markers like these are sometimes called “grass-level” markers. They are installed flat with the ground and meet many cemetery requirements for flat grave markers. They are made of granite or marble memorials. If your cemetery only accepts bronze, then click here for our Bronze Memorial guide.

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Bevel Memorials

Bevel markers are slightly raised and thicker than grass level markers. They may be placed on a base to enhance the appearance and to lift the marker off the ground. For added aesthetics, flower vases, personal art or a personal epitaph may be incorporated in the design of the memorial.

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Slant Memorials

Slant markers are taller then bevel markers and can be read easily while standing at the foot of the grave. They may be placed on a granite or marble base, which lifts the monument off the ground. Flower vases may be added to either side of the memorial and personal art or a personal epitaph may be incorporated into its design.

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Standard "Upright" Monument

Traditional monuments may be designed for an individual, couple or family. With near limitless options and features available to you, a personalized memorial can be crafted to reflect the life story of the individual or individuals at rest. Your monument may include custom granite colors, shape, symbols, engravings, laser photographs and hand carved statues.

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Cross Monuments

If religious faith was an important part of your loved one's life, then a cross monument may be a good choice for you. Cross monuments come in a variety of styles and sizes and may be simple or ornate in design.

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Grave Ledger

Coming soon...

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Cremation Memorials

A columbarium is specifically made to securely hold an urn as a permanent resting place and typically include several individual or companion niche spaces. Urns are safely held in these niche enclosures. Select from our innovative designs or work with our artists to create your own.

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Cremation & Memorial Benches

Made from granite or marble, these benches securely contain cremation urns permanently inside. Common enhancements include engravings, statements of affection, and custom design elements. Cremation benches may be simple or elegant in design and are found in cemeteries or on private property. Memorial benches are designed in the same manner excluding the urn compartment.

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Bronze Memorials

Bronze memorials may be required in memorial park cemeteries and in some sections of private cemeteries. We offer the highest quality bronze memorials at fair prices to give you the best value. Each bronze memorial is secured to a solid granite base.

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Pet Memorials

Our pet markers and pet monuments are created in the same design process as our other memorials. Your cherished pet will have solid granite or marble memorial with the design of your choosing. These high-quality memorials are permanent and natural and may be placed indoors or outdoors. To enhance the memorial, custom art and design, laser engraving or small statues may be added.

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Custom Memorials & Monuments

Gaulden Monuments specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind memorials and monuments. Our highly skilled team of designers and craftsman can create just about anything you can image. Browse our custom design gallery and contact us if you would like for us to make, deliver, and install a custom monument.