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Welcome to Gaulden Monuments online monument and memorial shop. Feel free to begin by watching our "How to Order" video, downloading our "Quick Guide to Monuments" or by browsing our selection below.

Here's what you can expect when ordering from Gaulden Monuments. We take pride in delivering an exceptional customer service experience to you and your family from beginning to end. Our concierge team will be with you the entire process and ensure you have peace of mind that your monument will be delivered as promised.

  1. Order online
  2. We confirm your order with you
  3. We confirm acceptance in local cemetery for you
  4. Within 5 day you will receive your final design
  5. Once approved, we cut, polish, engrave, and inspect your memorial
  6. We arrange FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA
  7. We follow-up and confirm successful installation

Choosing the right monument or memorial for your loved one can be a daunting task. If you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, please contact our concierge team at (803) 327-2760 to discuss your preferences. We will assist you with ordering and shipping, and provide support for installation of your monument.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently revising our photography for our online shop. Some product photos may not match exact results. Please call us for clarity. Thank you for your patience!
GM Team, Jan 25, 2019

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